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“This is the end, my only friend…”

April 3, 2013

Much like the brilliant opening to one of the best films ever made, I mean to begin a journey with a declaration of the End.

This blog has its origins with a great friend of mine. I was first getting into critical film viewing, and wanted to write about how I saw film. People seemed to enjoy my little critiques. With every comment stating that I should create a blog, I began to actually believe them. Finally, this friend, who was in the beginning stages of learning how to design websites, offered me a deal: he would create a blog for me, and if it got enough hits, we would place ads and live off the residual income forever. Ha. It didn’t quite work. It was, of course, entirely my fault. I never uploaded a single review or even an introductory post. I simply didn’t have the incentive.

Little did I know the incentive would come from another WordPress blog. Years passed since that original attempt. I still watched films with fervor, and began to write my own screenplays, a process still in the works. I then started thinking about that old blog and how it went so wrong. For fun, I Googled “Hulk film critic”, because my page was named just that. I happened across a blog called “FILMCRITHULK”. This is no ordinary film critic. I used to be a Roger Ebert fanboy. I would defend any opinion he had on films and adopt it as my own. I know. After I found this blog, Ebert’s film criticism just seems… bland. Sure, Ebert has a job to do and a very restricted column with which to do it. But he has a very successful webpage now. There’s no reason he couldn’t have started to take his time to make something truly special, like in his early days. But his writing might possibly never be as good as it used to be.

Roger Ebert, american film critic.

Ebert in his heyday. Now he has no chin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This guy, though, this “critHULK”, has something really meaty going on. He doesn’t simply insult “bad” movies and laud “good” ones. He uses very few select films to use as a commentary on the state of film making today and on storytelling in its many forms. I never thought someone could have breathed such amazing new life into such a tired form. Criticism is such a put-upon form of writing, but I believe most filmmakers would back this guy and others like him.

This blog re-ignited my passion, a passion that had started to wane after being bogged down with my day job and the harsh reality that there’s a very, very strong chance I will never become a professional filmmaker of any real merit. This speaks to the power of writing and how thoroughly it can change or influence the opinion of the masses and educate us all towards higher thought.

I used to be a nearly completely visual-focused film watcher. I would comment on a film’s style, sense of color, or “tone”. I have now switched gears to paying special attention to a film’s quality of writing. This is, after all, the only real aspect of film that has yet to be etched down to a science of sorts. I see very little theatrical films released that don’t look fantastic. I think it may be a Hollywood requirement that you be an expert cameraman. Something really eye-catching or special, I still notice. But it’s much more of a challenge to listen to the writer, to hear what they have to say, and think on whether it was a good piece or bad.

So now, you know what to expect. I will be writing on films, and occasionally using those films to comment on how I feel about movies in general, or on writing, or anything else I feel like writing on. Who knows, maybe the occasional video game or book review might crop up here and there. I only ask that if you find what I have to say interesting, comment on it and let’s continue the discussion. Especially if you disagree. You never know if your writing might change my mind.


p.s.: I’m still the number one Hulk in these parts!

Hulk (comics)

Me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. Moose permalink

    I like it, post some reviews!

  2. candice toung permalink

    Looking forward to more of tour writing. Rip Roger Ebert

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